Ensuring proper care and maintenance for crowns & bridges

Crowns and bridges cover most of the tooth surface, but it’s the area you cannot see that offers the greatest potential for problems. Where the crown meets your natural tooth, usually at or below the gumline, is called the margin. The margin usually has a small ridge where plaque and bacteria may collect. If even the slightest amount of decay develops under your crown, it can progress unchecked as our normal radiographs cannot see through a crown.

Bridges provide some additional challenges as it’s important to remove any plaque that may build up under the replacement teeth to prevent inflammation, bad tastes, and bad breath. In most cases we provide special cleaning tools such as small brushes, floss threaders, or irrigation devices to assist with meeting the unique cleaning challenges presented by both crowns and bridges.

Adequate time spent at proper maintenance will lead to years of service and usefulness by your crown and bridge. If you aren’t sure what special techniques your teeth require, ask us at your next visit. We’re happy to help!