Helping you amplify your smile

If you’re thinking about rejuvenating your smile with whitening, let us save you the disappointment of experimenting with store products that don’t work or that offer only short and temporary results. Let’s take some time to discuss professional supervised options with you – whitening solutions that are both safe and effective … and that can meet your expectations to amplify your unique smile!

Safe teeth whitening either in our office or at home on your own time over a few days or a few weeks can whiten accumulated surface stains created by everyday eating and drinking, meet the challenge of stains trapped in micro-cracks in tooth surfaces, and remove stains within the tooth structure caused by illness or medication.

Why the emphasis on dentist-supervised teeth whitening – even at home? As dental professionals, helping people look their best brings with it a responsibility to ensure that results are achieved in a safe, reliable, and effective way.

To complete the whitening process, we can also replace conspicuous older silver-colored fillings with contemporary tooth-colored composite fillings that are cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, and – no contest – better looking than silver-colored fillings!

Please call us. Every smile is unique and every whitening solution is best suited to a individual patients and a particular purpose. We’re always happy to discuss the best choice for you!