With brighter teeth!

Sometimes no matter how diligently you brush, you just can’t seem to brighten that dullness in your smile. Your smile could be suffering from stain or discoloration. Teeth can darken for a number of reasons, and the most common is the natural tooth-yellowing effect of aging. You can also get tooth stains from drinking coffee, tea, or colas. A blow to the mouth, old fillings, tetracycline antibiotic treatment, or too much fluoride can also leave your teeth looking less than their best.

Whitening techniques have been around a long time, but one product called Nite White® is a vast improvement over some of the other techniques. It’s safe and the results are predictable.

A mild whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth in a special custom-fitted tray you wear while you sleep. The active ingredient allows oxygen to penetrate the protective covering on your teeth and whiten the colored substances that are darkening your smile. You’ll see results when you wake up on the third day, and depending on how dark your stain is, we may recommend you use Nite White for up to fourteen applications.

If you think your smile is a good candidate for some brightening up, make an appointment. After a thorough oral examination, we’ll be able to make a diagnosis and design a whitening treatment that will get your smile the brightest it can be.