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Straight Choices

Smile more with orthodontics!

Given the choice, most people would prefer a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth over a smile that showed crooked or crowded teeth that diminishes their self-esteem. That’s because most of us know that in our society, an appealing smile is held in high esteem. In addition, straight teeth and aligned jaws are easier to brush and floss, lowering the incidence of cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. Could orthodontics – the art of placing gentle pressure on teeth to move them into proper alignment – help you smile more?

The type and duration of treatment according to each patient’s condition. We’ll examine and assess your teeth and discuss a treatment plan that’s best for you. Options include the “traditional” braces you’re probably most familiar with: bands, wires, elastics, and removable appliances. A more-recently available option is invisible braces – a series of clear removable aligners.

For some adults, minimal tooth movement is sufficient to overcome slightly misaligned front teeth – top or bottom – in only a few months. For others, where appearance is a greater concern than bite issues, porcelain veneers can be custom-fitted over the front of teeth. They’ve been called instant orthodontics because they can straighten the appearance of teeth in two visits!

Let us help you smile more. Give us a call to discuss the best orthodontic option to suit your oral health needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Most parents are unaware that much of the expensive and lengthy orthodontic treatment in the teen years can be avoided by taking early preventive steps when your child is as young as four or five.

Our goal is to provide the ideal setting in your child’s mouth so that the adult teeth will grow in properly. If your child loses a baby tooth in a fall, for example, an empty space is created with teeth on either side. If this space isn’t maintained, the neighboring teeth will begin to encroach on the space. As well, the tooth in the opposing jaw will grow longer because it is not meeting any resistance. This can cause chewing stress to be unevenly distributed, causing further movement of other teeth.

Without treatment, these conditions could mean a full set of braces later on. To prevent this, we can put a space maintainer between teeth to hold the space open for the permanent tooth.

Early orthodontic treatment also gives us a chance to do many other things, such as guide the growth of the jaw, guide incoming permanent teeth into desirable positions, correct harmful oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, and reduce or eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech patterns.

A smile is for a lifetime, and making it the best it can be starts right in the crib!

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