Be confident & flash that smile!

Let’s face it… For some of us, it’s hard to get through life without losing one or more of your adult teeth, either to a sports injury, an accident, or just plain old wear and tear. Many patients are understandably self-conscious about their missing teeth, but are not sure just what their options might be. For example, they worry that dentures will be uncomfortable or awkward to care for.

Here’s one solution that might be perfect for you. The technical term is fixed hybrid implant bridge. In essence, we strategically place four dental implants which serve as anchors for a natural-looking secure non-removable restoration. Your new smile requires nothing more than the usual daily home care and regular dental hygiene appointments that you already routinely keep. In fact, this procedure is so successful that we really must emphasize that your new teeth are absolutely secure – they are never removed and they never slip or click.

In our practice, we’re committed to ensuring that you have a healthy happy smile that you feel confident to flash in a moment’s notice. If you think you might be a candidate for this procedure, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation, because we really want to see you smile!