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Mouth Breathing Intervention

Early orthodontics can help your child

Orthodontic treatment is more than a way to improve appearance. Over half of all children have problems of malocclusion (bad bite) that can lead to mouth breathing which can lead to inadequate jaw and facial growth. The key to restoring normal nasal breathing – and normal craniofacial growth – is early Phase I orthodontic care between the ages of five and ten.

How are breathing and ? As your child’s teeth appear in the correct order and with correct spacing, they cue the maturation of the facial musculature. In this way, children move from the infantile swallow required for nursing to the mature swallow required for speech, facial expression, and normal growth and nasal breathing

How can you tell if your child needs treatment? Only an examination can confirm it, but mouth breathing or snoring are two early warning signs. Some other indications could include difficulty chewing or biting, crowded or crooked teeth, jaw clicking or teeth grinding, biting the cheek, teeth that do not meet well or at all, jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face, or a history of finger sucking.

We welcome you to call our office to ask questions or to arrange a consultation for your child. Orthodontics can help to achieve balance and harmony for health … and a beautiful smile!

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