Crown & bridge treatment

Improving your smile enhances more than appearance. True, repairing structural problems like missing teeth with crowns and bridges can only make you look better … even your best. But when function is restored, so will your ability to chew, speak, and socialize freely.

Here are some crown and bridge facts.

  • A crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth. It helps restore its normal shape and size and strengthens it.
  • When a replacement tooth is required to fill a gap, it can be affixed permanently with a bridge attached to the teeth on either side of the space.
  • If a space is left untended, the surrounding teeth will drift, alter your bite, encourage cavities, and negatively affect your appearance beyond the original gap.
  • High-tech materials along with custom fitting result in a strong natural-looking restoration.
  • It takes only one or two visits to the dentist to restore your smile and prevent further problems.
  • No one will know you have a crown and/or bridge unless you tell them.

Could you benefit from crown and bridge treatment? You may be an excellent candidate. Ask us!