Orthodontic smile transformations

Orthodontic treatment involves the correction of existing or anticipated bite problems due to malocclusion (which literally means bad bite). Crowded teeth, missing teeth, misaligned teeth, jaws that are out of alignment, or bad oral habits like pencil chewing can create a bad bite.

Childhood orthodontics can…

  • guide the jaw to grow toward optimal shape
  • direct incoming permanent teeth to correct thumb-sucking damage and to reduce the risk of trauma to protruding teeth
  • eradicate or lessen problems with swallowing or speech
  • simplify treatment for future orthodontics, saving time and money
  • preserve or gain space for the aligned eruption of permanent teeth
  • enhance appearance and boost self-esteem.

Orthodontics for adults can…

  • improve chewing function
  • realign teeth to make oral care easier and more effective thereby making it easier to prevent and/or reduce gum disease
  • arrest or reduce loss of the bone that supports teeth
  • allow space to replace a missing tooth with crown and bridge or implant treatment
  • improve esthetics for a healthier more-dynamic smile … which will enhance self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

Orthodontics can have life-transforming results! Please call today to arrange a consultation for yourself or your children. Afterwards we’ll present your personalized plan, discuss it with you in detail, and include you in all decisions. And that’s just the beginning of a new straight smile that you can flash for a lifetime!