Loveable staining agents that do harm

In our practice, we often replace the unattractive undesirable tooth stains associated with red wine and coffee with a white-as-new smile. But there’s more to these popular beverages than meets the eye.

The virtues of red wine have been extolled forever. Contemporary journalists have reported that the polyphenols present in wine have a positive effect on everything from heart disease to ulcers, cancer, stroke, and stress.

Coffee, once maligned as a stress-inducer, appears to be on the comeback trail. Scientists now suggest that the antioxidants and complex compounds in coffee may combat cirrhosis of the liver, colon cancer, asthma, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and even suicidal tendencies. But both wine and coffee contain substances that are potentially damaging when taken excessively. And both can stain your teeth – even when enjoyed in small amounts over time. Wine and coffee are not the only culprits… Medications, aging, and tobacco use can all contribute to discoloration.

Fortunately, stains that dull your teeth can be removed in only one in-office hour or over a few days … with professionally supervised whitening treatments. We’d be happy to recommend the product and the procedure that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Call us for a consultation and say goodbye to stains and hello to a beautiful radiant smile!