It was a great photo. You were caught in the middle of a “full-on” laugh. Then you noticed old silver-colored amalgam fillings and realized that your entire dental history is on display! No need to be self-conscious any longer. There is a simple and attractive solution.

White composite resin fillings are more natural looking than amalgam, and have the added advantage of never discoloring surrounding or neighboring teeth as older amalgam fillings have been known to do. Modern materials and processes ensure that they are also durable, reliable, and predictable. The color can be precisely matched to your own teeth too, making it virtually invisible to others. That’s why the demand for tooth-colored fillings has surpassed amalgam by a ratio of more than 3:1.

Let’s talk about how composite fillings can help you smile more. It can usually be done in only one visit or two, and because your silver-colored fillings could be upwards of a couple decades old and compromised because of it, your insurer may cover replacement costs.

Be laugh-out-loud confident … whether you’re in front of, or behind, the camera! Call us today!