Even though your smile is never trivial!

In 1952, a Swedish Professor named Per-Ingvar Brånemark had a lucky accident. He discovered that titanium bonded irreversibly to living bone tissue. The first practical application of osseointegration was the implantation of new titanium roots in 1965. Here are some more dental implant facts…

  • A dental implant has two parts: a root made of biocompatible metal and a custom-made tooth crown which is attached to it.
  • Dental implants can anchor dentures or replace the form and function of only one tooth up to an entire jaw of teeth.
  • The oldest known implant patient is 88 and the youngest is 15.
  • Implant-supported dentures behave more like natural teeth, overcoming problems associated with bone loss, gum soreness, and difficulty with chewing and speaking.
  • In one survey, patients who had their prosthetic appliances replaced with implants rated them nine out of ten – second only to natural teeth and far above the 2/10 for their dentures.

Dental implants are minimally invasive:

  • Dental implants require only normal brushing and flossing to maintain oral health.
  • Because implants are anchored into the bone like the roots of your teeth, they act like natural teeth and preserve and strengthen the underlying bone. This prevents the bone loss which is otherwise inevitable with tooth loss.
  • To place an implant, there is no need to reduce healthy tooth material on adjacent teeth.