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Nature designed your jaw to hold 32 teeth. When they’re all healthy, in the right place, and working correctly, a smile is a marvel of beauty and efficiency. But, when the wear and tear of daily life left your smile damaged, we can restore it to its natural beauty and performance. In many cases, crowns and bridges are the champion restorations for worn, fractured, or missing teeth

A crown cloaks or caps a damaged tooth to lend support and is fabricated to our exact specifications by a skilled laboratory technician. The natural tooth is prepared to provide a smooth, decay-free platform for the crown. We’ll take an accurate impression or digital scan of the tooth and its adjacent and opposing teeth so that the new crown will work as your natural one did.

You’ll wear a temporary acrylic crown until the permanent crown is placed. Strong and durable, crowns can provide years of healthy service with thorough daily brushing and flossing and regular dental appointments.

Bridges are a combination of crowns and artificial teeth that fill a gap left by one or more missing teeth. When a tooth goes missing, the gap it leaves behind not only greatly reduces your smile-power, it also puts extra stress on the neighboring teeth which can weaken over time. A bridge ensures that all teeth are sharing the job of chewing equally.

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