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Dull to Dazzling…

Stain solutions that save smiles

Although there are many different stain removers available, most of the over-the-counter products are a disappointment. Some products simply won’t work while others offer just a temporary solution.

Strong discoloring agents like coffee, tea, and tobacco cause surface stains. If you want to remove them, a professional polishing with a coarse but gentle cleaning paste will do the trick. Complemented by regular brushing and flossing, this technique will ensure your smile shines brighter longer!

Some stains are harder to remove because they are trapped in tiny fractures or micro-cracks in the tooth surface. The only way to beat these stains is with professional whitening or bonding, a tooth-colored treatment that fills in and covers micro-cracks.

Even darker surface stains are caused by dark plaque and tartar buildup in areas around the gumline, often on the lower front teeth. In-office dental scaling and polishing will assist in removing these difficult stains.

The toughest tooth stains are the kinds that become part of the tooth structure. Bright white splotches or brownish bands can be caused by health and dietary problems when the tooth is forming before birth or by tetracycline treatment. You can also develop deep stains from decay and from old fillings.

Only professional whitening and masking techniques will revive smiles that have been dulled by the very toughest of tooth stains. Call us today if you’d like to know more about revitalizing your smile.

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