Ensuring longevity of your crown & bridge

Restoration materials and techniques have continuously improved over the years, but even so, your crown or bridge does require maintenance if it is to last its expected lifespan of 10-15 years.

What are crowns and bridges? A crown covers a tooth to protect and restore it to its normal shape and size while strengthening and improving appearance. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth by spanning a gap, and is anchored to teeth on either side (or both sides) of the gap.

  1. Maintain your home care. Tooth decay and problems associated with gum disease are the major cause of tooth and restoration loss. If your gums recede, if you lose underlying bone, or if you lose tooth structure, your restoration will no longer fit. This means the expense of replacement and the expense of a potentially greater cost … your oral and systemic health. We can offer demonstrations and special cleaning tools to help you achieve excellent hygiene care.
  2. Wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and restorations. Our custom-fitted mouthguards are superior to off-the-shelf products. If you play any sport during which there is any chance for contact with another person or an object, you need a mouthguard.
  3. Watch what you eat. Biting into extremely hard foods can break teeth and restorations. Top offenders are popcorn, olive pits, chewy bread crust, hard or very sticky candy, ice, and … opening food packages with your teeth.
  4. Switch to a low-sugar diet. Reduce the incidence of decay which will compromise teeth and put stress on restorations.
  5. Ask for help. Please call us for a home care routine review, to examine the state of a current restoration, or to ask if a crown or crown and bridge treatment might be what you need to brighten your smile.