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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Calgary SE

Cosmetic dentistry involves working with patients closely to ensure results meet their expectations. Dental crowns and bridges are examples of a cosmetic dental procedure and both are fixed devices.

What Are Crowns?

Unlike a veneer, a dental crown encases the entire existing tooth. A crown is an ideal dental restoration when there’s little or no original tooth remaining.

Crowns support the teeth in functioning normally. And the final results look natural due to colour-matched materials this dental work is inconspicuous.

Porcelain crowns can be adjusted to achieve the shade that you want. There are other materials, such as gold and metal alloys, that you may consider.

Gold is recognized for its durability but the issue with it is aesthetics, especially if you need crowns for your front teeth.

Porcelain can also be mixed with another material for a stronger crown. Our team at West Wind Dental will be more than happy to talk to you further about the pros and cons of every crown material.

Getting Dental Crowns

Crowns can take up to three visits to complete. The first step is to prepare your tooth for the crown. This involves drilling so we will need to numb the tooth.

We may also have to reconstruct the tooth depending on its health. There should be enough of it left to support the crown.

Afterward, we will create a model of your teeth. This will be sent to the dental laboratory so the technicians can work on your final crowns.

We’ll also provide you with a temporary crown to protect the area. Once the crown is ready, we’ll attach it to your teeth and cure it using a special light.

What are Bridges?

Bridges are used to replace one or several missing teeth. Gaps shouldn’t be left for long otherwise surrounding teeth may shift into the empty space resulting in gum disease and improper bite.

Bridges cover the gap and are cemented to the natural teeth on both sides. Similar to crowns, you can choose from various bridge materials. You and your dentist can discuss this.

It’s important to think about where in the mouth the bridges will be placed and its aesthetic appeal.

Getting Dental Bridges

If you’re missing one tooth, three crowns may be enough for the procedure. One is for the missing tooth and the two are for the natural tooth on each side. If you have several missing teeth, you’ll need more crowns.

Your dentist will check the health of your remaining teeth to determine how many of them will be needed to support the replacement tooth. One bridge may consist of seven crowns, three for the missing teeth, and four as anchor or abutment for them.

Your dentist will walk you through the process so you’ll know what to expect terms of costs and limitations.

Caring for Your Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges don’t need special care. Practicing good dental habits will increase their longevity. However, they won’t last a lifetime and they may fall out or become loose. Be sure to see your dentist regularly so your crowns and bridgework can be checked.

Interested in dental crowns and bridges? Do you have more questions about these restorative devices?

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