Gain a confident smile with crown & bridge treatment

Crowns and bridges. The very words denote power and strength. That’s fitting because crown and bridge restorations are meant to boost your smile power while strengthening the structure of your smile.

Crowns are sometimes called caps because they fit over your teeth to support them and to improve their appearance. They are usually made of natural-looking translucent porcelain and are designed to blend in so well with neighboring teeth that no one can tell that you have them.

Where does the bridge come in? When you have one or more missing teeth, replacement teeth fill in – or bridge – the gap. One or both supporting teeth on either side may require crowns to make them strong enough to support the replacement.

You may require a crown if a tooth has:

  • been extensively damaged by decay
  • become weakened because there is more filling than tooth
  • been fractured, compromising its structural integrity
  • become discolored and detracts from your smile
  • undergone root canal treatment
  • the role of supporting a bridge.

Crown and bridge restorations can benefit you in so many ways – enhanced appearance, improved ability to eat and speak … and renewed self-confidence. We invite you to call for a consultation. Your confident smile is always a jewel in your crown!